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Melek Nimer – Founder

Serving on the Board of Beyt Atfal Samoud for 20 years, and remaining very active in Palestinian refugee camps all over Lebanon since, Ms. Nimer started up her first center for the elderly, The Active Aging House, in the Borj al Borajny Palestinian refugee camp.

With its immediate success, Melek felt moved to launch its counterpart in the recently devastated Nahr el Bared refugee camp in 2008. Both centers are fully operating and provide various opportunities, comfort, and different services to hundreds of elderly hardship cases within these two camps.

Melek Nimer’s Social Support Society, serves as a mother organization with both Active Aging House’s under the SSS umbrella, along with other initiatives for children, including El Rahelet, and Unite Lebanon Youth Project.


Originally from Turkey, Melek is married to Mr. Rami Rifaat Nimer - and they have a son and daughter both living in London.


Zeinab Al Madhoun

has worked in leadership and supervisory roles at the children’s NGO, Beyt Atfal Samoud, for 14 years. Zeinab’s accumulated expertise helped move her onto to work for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in 2002, where she's worked as a Project Manager, and currently, as a Social Workeras at Relief Socaial Services

Department /Women Program .  

Zeinab was also one of the founders of the Active Aging House - in cooperation wth LAC of WPC - in the Borj al Borajny Palestinian refugee camp where she continues to lead and supervise AAH staff. 

Zeinab Al Madhoun has a BA in Sociology from Lebanese University; with a certificate from Southern Illinois University Carbondale on social Work.

Sahar Serhan

had worked as an accountant for 12 years before managing her brother’s internet cafť in the Borj al Borajny camp where she also led workshops and trainings in Information Technology (IT).  

In 2007, Sahar volunteered her time at the Woman’s Program Center, also in the Borj al Borajny camp – and then later became manager of the attached Incubater Center of the WPC.  In 2009, Sahar took on a managing role at the Active Aging House in the Borj al Borajny camp and in Nahr el Bared.
Sahar is a resident of the Borj al Borajny camp and has a B.S. in accounting from Beirut Arab University.

Nawal Al Jamal and Houda Misilmani managing SSS center in Bourj el Brajneh.

Therese Dawoud and Samar Shaaban managing SSS center in Nahr el Bared.

Assisted by Manal Hamid Women's Program Supervisor in Nahr el Bared and Rouweida El Hage Women's Program Local Administrative Committee member in Bourj el Barajneh


Fadi Dabaja

Fadi Dabaja is a Palestinian artist living in the Bourj El-Barajneh camp in Beirut, Lebanon. Over the years he has strived to equip himself with the capacity to train and conduct workshops in various art mediums. Fadi has, with dedication, performed in theatre production, as well as directed plays and films. Recently he has been experimenting with the art of instillations.


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